For those who would rather create than copy… here are 10 reasons you should be using iSage Apps:

1.     ORGANIZED APPROACH – Years of playing and teaching experience have gone into each app we release.  We've kept what works and thrown out what doesn't, leaving you with the fastest and most effective method to learn by.

2.     EZ TO UNDERSTAND - We've taken some of the most difficult topics in music and broken them down into simple concepts that will have you PLAYING music instead of memorizing complex rules.

3.     PLAY ALONG EXERCISES – Tired of lessons you listen to once and throw in a box?  We've designed our apps to let you PLAY along with each exercise.  You'll play each mode with a tracking guitar, then play it over it's root chord to hear it's tonal qualities, then use what you've learned to create your own leads over a song with full accompaniment.

4.     PRINTABLE CHART – A chart of all the modes is included for printing so you can practice even if you don't have you IOS device handy!

5.     TUTORIALS – Two video tutorials are included to quickly show you how to use the app and how to go far beyond once you've mastered the basics.

6.     A BUILT IN COUNTER – The key to learning something new is practice and repetition.  A simple built in counter let's you track your progress.  By the time you finish, you'll have played every mode 10 times at two different speeds and you'll be crafting leads over the jam tracks, as well as with your own music.

7.     A TUNER VIDEO – To make sure you are tuned with the tracking guitar, an explanatory video helps you tune up in A440.  A functional tuner is planned for a future update.

8.     100% APPLE – All content was created using products run on the Mac.  From Logic to Final Cut to Xcode, it's all Apple!

9.     VALUE – the iModes app contains the information of MANY private lessons at a fraction of the cost!  Combined with quality content and you'll see iSage Apps are a sound investment.

10.     MEMBERSHIP – As a customer, you'll have access in the app to contact us and provide feedback and suggestions to help us make apps that meet your needs.  And if you subscribe, you'll get email updates of new apps and other content that will be made available.

Download today and start playing lead guitar like you've always wanted to!

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