About Us

What We Do

iSage Apps is committed to producing exceptional media applications, for free and for purchase, across a variety of genres, including Business, Music, the Arts, Education, Fitness, Sports, Spirituality, and Personal Productivity - which offer distinctive and clear-sighted enrichment in a visually and aurally compelling presentation.  Our approach incorporates music, video, charts, images, and eBooks - making it enjoyable to learn!

Why We Do It

We celebrate learning.  Life offers so many fascinating studies and each soul on earth has the potential to learn, grow and share gifts with others.  iSage Apps is committed to enabling people to achieve personal excellence using state of the art technologies.

Our Team

iSage Apps is a team of passionate professionals dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction.  Our designers and developers push the limits of creativity.  If you ever need assistance, our specialists are always available and happy to assist.  Most important, we consider YOU part of our team.  Your ideas and comments drive our excellence.  We value your input and your patronage.  Please, don’t be a stranger!