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The world is changing.  You have to juggle too many tasks.  You have no time to think, to organize.  And now more than ever, every decision seems to carry the weight of the world with it.  What can you do?

Mission Control introduces a simple approach to setting objectives and priorities in your life aligned with your faith.  Seven areas of focus called Dimensional Objectives are defined.  You’ll go through a fun process to identify key areas for decisions and change in your life.

Don’t wait.  Times will only get more challenging in the days ahead.  Are you ready for deflation and a possible Greater depression?  Are you communicating and growing as a family?  Are you still growing in and living your faith?  Can you really make a difference in the world?

This book could change your life.  You’re sure to learn something about yourself and about your talents, desires and goals.  The result will be a document that will keep you on track as you focus on critical goals that require the investment of your time and resources so you and your family are ready for the future and heading toward heaven.

You can sample the first third of the book before you buy.  Simply visit Smashwords by clicking on the link above.  Now available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo and Diesel!

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